Maine Coon Kitten care

Schedule An Appointment With Your Veterinarian. Your kitten will need to be examined by your veterinarian within 72 hours of leaving our care (as stated on the sales contract) or the health guarantee will be void.

Your Maine Coon kitten has been eating Maine Coon Royal Canin dry food. Your kitten has been eating and drinking out of stainless steel bowls. Why stainless steel - stainless steel does not absorb smells, does not stain

We require that you feed your kitten Maine Coon Royal Canin dry food for at least the 8 month, w e will provide you feeding instructions when you pick up your kitten.

We train our Maine Coon kittens to use Tigerino Crystals Silicate cat litter, in a litter box.

Arriving Home:
The first few days might be difficult for your Maine Coon kitten as he/she has been used to being with a mother and siblings and suddenly they are not there any more. It may take time to adjust to a new home and your patience and love are greatly needed at this time. Your kitten might call for his siblings and mama and may get loose stool due to stress. Please keep your litter box quite a ways from your kittens food. Cat Trees, Scratching Post, Puzzles, & Toys
Maximize your kittens health through play. Cat trees, cat towers, and tall scratching post will allow your kitten to get the stretching they need and also give them a safe place to go during their rest time!

We recommend combing or brushing your Maine Coon kitten on a weekly basis. Your Maine Coon kitten will not need frequent bathing, but may need an occasional one. Please only use cat shampoos.