Welcome to our Maine Coon cattery

We are a Hungarian couple Andrea and George. We have been living, working and breeding the finest quality of pedigree Maine Coon cats in Plymouth UK since 2011. We are a TICA registered cattery specializing only in Maine Coon. 

We pride ourselves on engaging in ethical breeding; inbreeding and over breeding are not options for us! Our breeding males are kept separate from our breeding females, we only have planned pregnancies. Our queens will have 1-2 litters per year.

We work hard to keep Our Maine Coon cats healthy and happy, Our job includes so many things here are some:

Clean, clean, and clean, taking pictures, managing the website, responding to phone calls and emails, shopping, grooming, feeding, and caring for cats and kittens, vaccinating and micro chipping, training and socializing kittens, scheduling and conducting visits, pick ups, and deliveries with customers and many many more. 

Andrea Szabadi
Animal Activity Licence A058
Local Authority : Plymouth City Council